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All games are recorded in full screen and include full commentary.  The DVD sales are our budget for the webcast and keep the webcast free.  Please consider purchasing the DVDs from the LBAA.ORG webpage. 

As a reminder, this webcast has continued to be free for 15 years.  Please consider purchasing a DVD to help support our webcast. 

E-Mail Rob Gasser:

All games are broadcast live on the internet using HTML5. Games can be viewed on most computers and tablets - Apple, Windows and Android* operating systems.

Please go to LBAA.ORG for the schedule of games.  Some games will be off-schedule due to the length of games, please be aware of this.  Our broadcasters will make annoucements of this as necessary.  All game times are in the Central Time Zone.

If you only get audio for a game, your internet connection is too slow or is having issues.  You may try restarting your router or using a different internet connection.

Disclaimer:  All individuals including camera operators, broadcasters and color/assistant broadcasters are volunteers.  Most come from the radio station at Valparaiso, but some are from other sources. Their commentary does not reflect the opinions of the LBAA and we are not responsible for what is said on the broadcast.  We request a "team information" sheet filled out prior to the tournament by each team so we have accurate information about the school/church and area the team is from.  This sheet also includes phonetically spelled names of the players.  If we do not receive this information, then our webcasters make their best attempt to pronounce their names.  If you wish to email or contact us through twitter to our broadcast team to help with pronunciations that would be appreciated and welcomed.  All commentary is the best we can provide and is not meant to be negative towards any team or player/coach/church/school/city. 

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